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“There is no company we trust more with our celebrity clients.  As a matter of fact, we trust them so much with our clients, we hired them to keep our kids safe on their college tours.”

Jason Moore

“Thank you Entourage Executive Services.  I have never felt safer than in your presence.”

Faina Krakovich

“I am so glad I found Entouage to escort me to my divorce court date.  You cannot put a price on safety."

Elmira Forrester

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“We own multiple rental properties and hire Entourage for all of our security needs.  They make our business their business and truly tailor their services to our needs."

Mark and Tony Johnston

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Welcome to Entourage executive protection LLC

Entourage Executive Protection LLC (EEP) provides on-demand security services for a variety of events on your timeline.  From a wedding 6 months out, a birthday party this weekend, a court appearance, a night on the town or a security agent to monitor a house tonight, our focus is to give our clients peace of mind.

Based in Southern California, we are internationally capable and are able to provide discrete agents who can blend in with your surroundings, as well as uniform security agents as needed.

What is the EEP difference?  We are not a mass employer of security agents; rather, we recruit, select, and train only those individuals who’s skills, abilities and motivation are in congruence with our mission. Our highly trained force consists primarily of Ex-Military Police Officers, former local law enforcement, as well as Military personnel with years of experience and dedication.

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