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Craig E. Holliman M.S.

President and CEO

With over 17 years of experience in Executive Protection, Ex-Military Police Officer, Mr. Craig Holliman, graduated deans list, with a Bachelors and a Masters degree in Psychology.  

Working with several high profile clients, Mr. Holliman's experience in executive protection, coupled with his knowledge of psychology, brings unprecedented insight into the security field.

He is highly skilled in all aspects of Executive Protection, Private Security, Threat Assessment, Protective Intelligence, Undercover Security, Loss Prevention, and more.


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Who We Are

Ms. Zaman-Zade's vast knowledge in Business Administration and Marketing is largely attributed to over 15 years of experience working with large corporations as well as several boutique firms.  

She is in charge of EEP's daily internal operations and marketing efforts.  In addition, Ms. Zaman-Zade spearheads EEP's strategic business development efforts, directs branding, advertising, website development and more.

Ms. Zaman-Zade is bilingual, and speaks both English and Russian.

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Naza Zaman-Zade

Director of Internal Operations 

Mr. Roan Gomez is a highly skilled security professional with extensive field experience. With over 15 years of active qualified experience, Mr. Gomez has worked in the Los Angeles area providing direct executive protection to many private clients, including several public figures, and celebrities. His in-depth knowledge and training in event security makes him a vital part of our team.   

Certified in CPR and Medical assistanting, Mr. Gomez brings a very valuable and unique approach to executive protection.

Mr. Gomez is bilingual, and speaks both English and Spanish.

Job Opportunities

Entourage Executive Protection LLC is a Southern California firm specializing in executive protection, providing short and long term security services for a variety of events and clients.

Our discrete agents can blend in with your surroundings, while our uniform security agents provide visible protection. 

Based in Los Angeles, California, EEP is internationally capable.  

While EEP uniquely specializes in executive protection, our firm provides a wide array of security services.

At Entourage Executive Protection LLC, there is no client too small or too big.  Our highly trained force consists primarily of Ex-Military Police Officers, former local law enforcement, as well as Military personnel with years of experience and dedication.

Our goal is prevent trouble before it begins, keeping our clients safe in our hands!​

Join the Entourage Executive Protection LLC team

We are always accepting applications.  We take pride in our customer service and only hire the best. Here are a few qualities we’re looking for: 

  • Must be Military/Ex Military or Law Enforcement/Ex Law Enforcement

  • No driving offenses.  We require a 5 year driving DMV printout

  • Must be willing to travel

  • Knowledge of local attractions and restaurants

  • Ability to drive 100+ miles to and from destinations

Interested candidates, please submit your resume to info@entourageep.com

Roan W. Gomez

Director of Executive Protection