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Mr. Craig Holliman, a decorated Military Police Officer, graduated with honors, achieving both Bachelor's and Master's degrees in Psychology.

With an extensive portfolio of high-profile clientele, Mr. Holliman seamlessly integrates his executive protection expertise with a profound understanding of psychology, thus revolutionizing the landscape of security.

His mastery encompasses a wide spectrum of disciplines including Executive Protection, Private Security, Threat Assessment, Protective Intelligence, Undercover Security, Loss Prevention, and beyond.

Leveraging his expertise, Mr. Holliman has curated an exceptional cohort of security and executive protection specialists, meticulously tailored to cater to our ever-expanding clientele.


Craig E. Holliman M.S.

Welcome to Entourage Executive Protection: Your Premier Choice for Award-Winning Security Solutions in Southern California. With a core specialization in executive protection, our distinguished firm caters to a diverse range of events and clients, offering both short and long-term security services.

Our adept agents possess the finesse to seamlessly blend into any environment, while our uniformed security personnel provide a visible shield of protection. Situated in the heart of Los Angeles, California, EEP's expertise extends internationally, ensuring top-tier security wherever you need it.

Beyond our unique executive protection focus, Entourage Executive Protection proudly delivers a comprehensive suite of security services. No matter the scale or scope, we are equipped to meet your security needs.

At Entourage Executive Protection, we embrace projects of all sizes. Our exceptional team predominantly comprises ex-military police officers, former local law enforcement professionals, and dedicated military personnel. Their extensive experience forms the cornerstone of our commitment to excellence.

Our paramount objective is to pre-emptively avert issues, placing our clients out of harm's way. With Entourage Executive Protection, your safety is our pledge and priority."