Threat Management:

Identifying and Responding to Threats
De-escalation Techniques
Crisis Management

Loss Prevention:

Retail Security
Asset Protection
Fraud Prevention

Security Training:

Personal Security Awareness
Self-Defense Techniques
Corporate Security Workshops


Entourage Executive Protection offers an array of comprehensive security services tailored to meet a diverse range of client needs:

Background Checks and Screening:

Comprehensive Background Investigations
Pre-Employment Screening
Due Diligence

Consultative Services:

Security Audits and Assessments
Customized Security Solutions
Continuous Improvement Recommendations

24/7 Security Operations Center (SOC):

Real-time Monitoring
Rapid Response Coordination
Remote Security Support

Security Consulting:

Risk Assessment
Security Strategy Development
Emergency Response Planning

Protective Intelligence:

Proactive Monitoring and Analysis
Identifying Potential Threats
Information Gathering and Analysis

Undercover Security:

Covert Operations
Discreet Surveillance
Unobtrusive Protection

Specialized Services:

Maritime Security
Aviation Security
International Security Services

Emergency Response:

Immediate Threat Mitigation
Evacuation Planning and Execution
Crisis Communication

Secure Transportation:

Secure Travel Arrangements
Protective Driving Services
Chauffeur Security

Executive Protection:

Personal Security Detail
Threat Assessment and Mitigation
Travel Security Planning
Residential Security

Event Security:

High-Profile Event Security
Corporate Functions
Private Gatherings
Concerts and Festivals

Private Security:

VIP Security
Estate Security
Celebrity Protection
High-Net-Worth Individuals